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How To Insulate Your Windows For Winter

During this cold weather, you need to make sure that you have a way to insulate your windows to avoid spending copious amounts of money on heating bills and to keep your home as warm as possible.

When Should You Insulate Your Windows?

Leading up to Christmas the months only seem to begin to get colder, and it is horrible to be waking up early in the mornings for work and your home still be freezing. Not to mention the fact that by simply not having your conservatory or home windows insulated you could be wasting hundreds of pounds on needless heating bills as you lose a huge amount of your homes heat through windows or conservatory roofs.

Insulated Or Layered Curtains

Curtains don’t just have the simple use of keeping light out in the early mornings; they work as an insulating layer for conservatories Milton Keynes and also the windows in your home. Of course, if you did not want to spend money on large curtains or drapes as they can be costly, then alternatively you can use heavy fabrics and drape them over where your curtains would be.

Or you can layer up curtains to give the same effect, available to purchase are thermal backed curtains for the ultimate insulating effect. Thick curtains stop the cold air from escaping through the windows.

Double Glazing

The ultimate form of making sure that your windows are as insulated as possible is double glazing Milton Keynes or even triple glazing. Double glazing features either 2 or 3 panes of glass – dependant on whether you decide on double or triple glazing.

The partitions between the glass panes are either a vacuum or gas-filled space that work to reduce the overall heat transfers and to stop heat from escaping your home through the windows of your house. This problem is most common in homes that feature conservatories as more often than not the conservatory windows are only single paned – leaving your home vulnerable to the cold weather and making it really difficult to keep your home at a suitable temperature.

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Rubber Weather Sealing

This form of insulating your windows can be done at home when you purchase this product in a hardware store or DIY shop near you. Rubber weather sealer is almost like a thick, sticky tape that keeps the draught and coldness out of your home.

All you need to do is simply cut the strips to measure in line with your windows so that they fit all the dimensions – otherwise, this method may not be effective.

Then, peel off the backing paper of the strips you have cut and stick them to the frame of your windows you close any possible gaps where cold air may enter and warm air escape. This method is one of the most cost-effective techniques that you can use to fight back at the cold weather. However, you should take into account that when you take these strips off that there is the potential for them to cause damage to the paint when you peel them off.

Window Insulation Film

Another useful method that you can purchase online, window insulation film includes a plastic shrink film that you can attach to the inside of your window frame with double sticky tape.

You should then heat up the film with a hairdryer in order to shrink the film and remove any wrinkles. Although this method is very useful in its job, we have to note that it may cause a slight cloudy appearance on your window as the film is not entirely transparent.

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Draft Snakes

Not only are draft snakes good for their purpose but they can also be fun and add as a decoration to your home. They’re available as sausage dogs, snakes, worms and many more different designs including patterns to make them fit into your home. So no worries if you wanted one to match your home!

Draft snakes are often materialised tubes that are filled with beads or rice that sit just in front of the bottom of your door, or on your windowsill to prevent cold air leaking into your home. Although they are not expensive, making your own draft snake can be a fun activity and if you can do so, then you should. All you need is material with an outer tube and dried rice or popcorn kernels.

You could even add in some lavender to provide a pleasant aroma, or some button eyes to give your draft snake a realistic look! Here’s how you can make your own draft snake

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are slightly similar to window insulation film but marginally better. However, there is a catch – they are expensive. These have the job of insulating your windows – while still letting light through the windows. Although window insulation film does still let in light, it is very clouded – but this improved version is transparent and gives the same appearance while doing the same job as window insulation film.

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Draught Proof Windows And Doors

A storm door is a form of door that is typically installed in front of an exterior door in order to protect it from severe weather and allow ventilation throughout the home. They often have interchangeable windows so that you have the ability to change your window types with the seasons – for example, double glazing in the winter and single panes in the summer.

Insulation Has Never Been So Easy

Insulation has been made easy with these helpful insulation techniques, with things like conservatories these products are necessary to make sure that your conservatory is not extremely cold in the winter months.

Although it is very rare that we have severe weather it is still essential to keep your home prepared for anything the weather may throw at it – including snow, rain, lightning and hail. In the event of this then you should contact a professional door or window consultant so that they can advise you what is best for your home and what is best for the type of weather.

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