Tiled Roof Conservatories

Tiled roofs is a very efficient selection of choice rather than those bog standard conservatories roofs, this will then allow your conservatory to look unique with a tip of your own style. Tiled roofs are highly beneficial for the long time run as they provide a very secure insulation for the roughest winters yet to come. Here are some of the great styles,


This style is very unique for those who are looking for a very vintage yet also traditional themed roof tiling this allow the warmth to be locked in and keeping you conservatory very open and spacious. Edwardian styled conservatory is also very known for its shapes as you can chose to have it square or rectangular allowing the light to enter and become immensely spacious.


This style has been very popular for those who like a very stylish and trendy roof, this also has a very modern window at the top of the roof allow fresh breeze to enter in the hottest summers. The styles of this roof allows you to open and close your windows in many ways standing out from all the other.


A victorian style roof is a great choice as it holds a lot of history with in itself along with an amazing distinct look. Victorian style roofs are very spacious and wide allowing a lot of fresh air to travel around, its also very much tailored to you needs as you can decide the size and style of it.

The benefits of a tiled roof

Having tiled roofs to a conservatory allows the conservatory to have its own unique style allowing it to stand out from the rest showing a great taste of individuality. Tiled roofs have also been proven as very strong materialised roofs as it holds a lot of insulation for those cold days no matter where you are in the world.

50 shades of tile

If you are one of those people who can’t seem to chose what colour or tile design you want to make your roofs more lavish than others, then don’t worry because there are over 50 shades of colours going from light to dark allowing it to match your exterior colours giving you the extra edge you deserve.

Each tile has its own style

There are over a dozen of wonderful tiles that you can include on your conservatory that may create a very elegant touch allowing you to have the amazing theme you hoped for. There are a variety of metro tiles that give you conservatory an extra benefit as they have very sufficient insulation throughout all year around.

Environmentally stable

When looking for a sustainable tiled roof you would need to make sure you pay extra attention,as it may not be long lasting. However many tiles such as Tapco slate are environmentally stable as the materials are made from the recycled plastic and limestone which are natural slate, allowing you to have the longest lasting roof tiles. Tapco material also has a very well weathering characteristic to all weather all years round making life so much easy for you and your conservatory.

Why tiled roof

Tiled roof are very beneficial for those who want to save money and want a longer lasting conservatory roof. Tiled roof are proven to have a very long lifespan along with very low maintenance, Tiled roofs are also very resistance to rotting and insects which allows you to design and decorate your roof efficiently without worrying about early damages. Tiled roofs are very good and secure when it comes to insulation keeping your conservatory very warm especially when those harsh winters kick in.