Window Finishes

We offer array of designs and colours when it comes to Window Finishes. Many of which have been specifically chosen and designed to suit many interior homes, which can be altered to your personal taste.

PVCU profiles come in the following options: Black, White, Golden Oak and Rosewood as standard – These can be created to a range of inner and outer finishes.  Additional colours available to request include Mahogany,Cream, White, Red, Blue, Green, Natural Oak, Birch, Walnut and numerous others with a foiled finish.

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & turn windows simply open by simply tilting & turning the handlebar, this maximises your living area by allowing the outside, inside. This style of window is super functional, as well as being easily maintained.

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Slide Sash Windows

Sliding Sash windows have the aesthetic vintage feel, whilst keeping functional. These windows are easily maintained, because the slide allows for easy cleaning from within your home.

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Georgian Windows

The Georgian window style increased in popularity in 1720-1820 and still is a popular choice for their clean and sophisticated look, where the panels add a different feel as opposed to other styles.

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Casement Windows

This style of window opens as a door would and is hinged to one side. It opens using a crank type lever. This window optimises the space you have in your home.

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Lead Windows

This style of window is made with lots of panels, to make an aesthetic and beautiful finish. The shiny finish of these windows comes from the glass & lead it's made with.

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