Warm Rug

Winter Proofing Your Conservatory

It’s January, and that only means one thing; Winter.

Unfortunately as the new year begins the cold winds do not stop, especially in the UK.  Here at Conservatories Double Glazing Milton Keynes, we give you some tips on ‘Winter Proofing your Conservatory’, to find more about how you can keep warm in your Conservatory this winter, read on!

Warm Conservatory

You should be able to use your Conservatory whatever the season and feel comfortable doing it, considering the fact that you have invested money and time into getting one. However, most conservatories tend to fall victim to the cold, making them too chilly to use. Luckily we give you some tips on how you can help your conservatory overcome the cold and stay warm this winter. The rest of this article will be able to give you some great tips on staying warm.


Since conservatories are primarily made of glass, double glazing would be a practical feature to have. Here at Conservatories Double Glazing Milton Keynes, our Conservatories in Milton Keynes are made with ‘A’ rated energy efficient windows, which conserves the heat keeping your conservatory warm. If you have a conservatory that does not have good glazing, then consider replacing the glass. However, this can be an expensive investment, but it seems to be worth it if you want to retain the heat in your conservatory.


Draught can be the real cause of a cold conservatory. To ensure your conservatory is kept warm check to see if the doors are letting in even a little bit of cold air. You can install drapes or blinds that can be pulled down during the cold then lifted up during the summer to retain heat.

Heating up your Conservatory

Using the good old fashioned heater is one good way of keeping your conservatory warm, however, if your conservatory is constantly cold then using the heater will only rack up the electricity bills and your conservatory will just eventually go back to being cold. To avoid this, try investing in heaters that are specifically made to warm up areas like conservatories, like the Infrared Heaters. They have the ability to cover a full 360-degree area through infrared, which is said to be safer and more efficient.


The floor of the conservatory can feel just like ice during the winter, so the best way to keep warm is to get something as simple as a rug. This means you do not have to walk on the potentially cold flooring and keep your feet nice and toasty!