Benefits of PVCU Windows

Benefits of Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing is a useful tool used to increase a high amount of efficiency along whilst simultaneously decreasing high levels of noise pollution. They are made by adding 3 extra panes of glass instead of the standard 2 and 1, this means the windows will to be very strong and robust, so they are less vulnerable and they are more reliable than other types of glazed windows. In our new article ‘Benefits of Triple Glazing’, we will be answering the burning question:

  • Is Triple Glazing better than Double Glazing?

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Triple Glazing

There are a variety of benefits when it comes to Triple glazing, it locks in the heat, keeping the whole house completely insulated whilst keeping the cold air outside which stops the cold from entering through the windows. This would be highly beneficial for those who don’t want to pay a very high heating bill and the Triple glazing has 3 times the strength of locking heat and keeping your home very warm than regular windows. For more, read on.

Is Triple glazing better than Double glazing ?

Double glazing is made up of two panes of glass and argon gas. The glass panes are used the hold the argon gas, and the argon gas stops cold air from penetrating through the windows, giving your home optimum insulation. However the difference between triple and double is that triple has 3 layers of glass while double glazing has 2.

Both Triple glazing and double glazing are both useful for preventing your home from getting really cold in the winter. However if you already have double glazing it wouldn’t be necessary to install Triple Glazing as they both work just as well as each other. Triple glazed windows slightly reduce the heat absorption aspect of a window. You have to not only switch to triple glazing but also insulate the frame itself, as well as using more manufacturing techniques, which can be very costly. So if you have Double Glazing, you don’t need triple glazing.

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Mr and Mrs Wilson changed their double glazed home in Milton Keynes to triple glazing throughout, they said the following “We have noticed a difference and our heating bills have gone down slightly. Was it worth the money ? I think it was for us, as we intend to live in our home for the next 15-20 years. If you are only going to live in your home for 5 years or less, then I would stick to double glazing for now”