Fensa is the well known trusted industry for windows and doors instalment. This is a scheme set to ensure that all windows comply with building regulations. This also enables window installers to certify that windows comply without the need for a local inspection. This would also save a great deal of time along with assuring compliance.

The benefits of registering with Fensa is that they will give a re assuring certificate of confirmation showing that windows replacement or doors thoroughly comply with the buildings regulations and policies. Fensa registered companies are highly competent as they’re continuously re-assessed by an inspection body.

How important is a fensa certificate ?

A Fensa certificate is highly crucial to obtain, as it will come in handy when you are looking to sell your property, however if you do not have the document it could slow down the process. After the installment of your windows and doors there will be a 6-8 week in which your certificate will arrive showing the the correct confirmation of the compliance of your building regulations.

If you have misplaced your Fensa certificate it would be very difficult for you to sell any sort or property that you have. However its also very easy and basic to order another one online. You would need to go on to the fensa website and type in your postcode to order another one and soon and possible to keep the process of selling your house running.

When looking for the right Fensa certified company its very necessary for you to research the company to see if they promote the Fensa certificate as this is a solid piece of evidence allowing home buyers to see that it have been thoroughly complied with building regulations allowing you to sell your home.

We built a conservatory in Milton Keynes for Mr and Mrs Williams in 2014 just 1 year after they had previously paid out £15,000 to another company. Unfortunately the previous company wasn’t Fensa approved, didn’t provide any guarantee. In 2015 the William’s contacted the company with severe leaks in the roof of their conservatory. It was apparent the company had gone bust and with no Fensa certificate they were left with no other option that to knock the conservatory down and start again.

On the plus side Mr and Mrs Williams are really happy with our work and they can sleep at night knowing if there are any issues they have a 5 year guarantee.