Conservatories are like an extra room onto your house, although they are made mainly out of glass and aluminium, so they have less privacy and security than other rooms in your home. And because of this, it’s important to improve security of your conservatory to reduce the chance of burglars targetting your house.

Why Improve Security Of Conservatories?

Conservatories are a target for burglars; they can easily see through the glass into your home if hidden in your garden. This, however, does not make your home an automatic target for burglars in having a conservatory, and if you have taken the correct safety measures, then you have nothing to worry about.

Although it is a good idea to be over cautious and take the precautions to ensure that your home is almost invincible, so we’ve devised a list of things that you can do to dramatically increase the security of your conservatory. So keep reading!

Back Doors

Unbelievably the number one way that burglars take into a home is via the front door! Quite often homeowners leave their doors open to let in air or even to bring in the shopping, but this is just an open invitation for those looking for a vulnerable home to steal from. Open doors make an easy entrance without being noticed, so it’s important never to leave your doors open unattended.

Doors are most of the time reasonably secure; they have to meet British standards otherwise they cannot be used in properties, meaning that the doors in your home are most likely very secure. But in conservatories Milton Keynes, your doors are really secure, but you might want to take extra precautions just to be sure.

Bi-folding doors are the best and most secure doors for conservatories due to their complex multi-point locking mechanisms perfect for optimum security. If this isn’t enough for you then opt for additional locking mechanisms, deadbolts can easily be added to doors as a second form of locking if someone was to unlock your door or attempt to open it.

As well as this you can buy door chains as an extra precaution; door chains connect from your door to the door frame in order to stop people being able to open your door and coming into your home. Door chains are good at alerting people if somebody is trying to enter their home as it makes a great deal of noise, making it an excellent tool for scaring off burglars.

Light Up Your Garden

This tip is cost effective and saves you from being worried about the fact people can see into your conservatory. Burglars and robbers will often hide in the shadows until they see you leave the house or go to sleep, so that they can swoop in and make an exit with your belongings swiftly and silently.

By having a lot of hedges and dark corners in your garden you are inviting them in and making your home a target. Purchase small garden lights or light up water features to help illuminate your garden, position the lighting everywhere that could be a potential hiding spot if you don’t want to cut down any large bushes or hedges then position a couple of lighting fixtures around it so that you can see it from your conservatory.

The same rules may apply to your front garden or driveway, especially if you have a side alley in your home. This not only reduces the risk of burglars targetting your home, but also can put your mind at rest and allow you to relax in your conservatory during the evening times.

garden lighting

Double Glazing And Updated Windows

If you have an old conservatory, it could be time to update to double glazing Milton Keynes, double glazing not only saves you money on your energy bills and keeps your home insulated, but it also is an extra protective layer from burglars.

Double glazed windows have 2 thick airtight layers of glass that control the flow of cold and hot air and works to keep warm air in your home, and cold air out. 2 layers of thick modern day glass, as opposed to outdated single pane windows are going to provide double the protection. Burglars have a real issue breaking and entering, the airtight seal between the two window panes is designed to act as a shock absorber, meaning that you cannot break the window by hitting it in the middle or without making copious amounts of noise.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are a crucial form of security in your home, even the sight of one can deter burglars from even considering breaking into your home. There are a variety of intruder alarms available with sensors, loud sirens and even alarms that will call emergency services when activated.

digital intruder alarm with passcode

Bell Alarms

Bell alarms are noise only intruder alarms that make loud ringing alarms sounds when a break in is detected. Although the noise only continues for up to 20 minutes, light will continue to flash from the alarm outside your home.

Monitored Alarm

A monitored alarm is connected to a form of external security company, which monitor any of the signals from your alarm for an affordable price. If a break-in was attempted or happens, someone from your chosen security centre will ring you, ask for a password and double check that everything is okay. If the phone is not picked up or the password is not given or given incorrectly, the police will be notified instantly.

Wireless Or Wired Alarms

These alarms are typically installed by professional electricians Milton Keynes to ensure that it is fitted correctly and so that it is guaranteed all the wiring is hidden. They work the same way that bell alarms do and set off when a break-in is detected, they’re battery powered and therefore more cost effective to install and maintain.

Secure Your Conservatory Today!

Using these tips make sure that your conservatory is up to date with the latest security trends to ensure optimum safety in your home. If you aren’t sure what security method is best for you, contact your local security department or security hardware store, and they will recommend you what to do.

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