The point of your conservatory is to provide you with a cool sanctuary during the summer months, rather than a humid greenhouse. In the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are at their hottest, your conservatory can quickly overheat and create an unpleasant and clammy atmosphere. Here are are some top tips for keeping conservatories cool and fresh during the warmer months.

Keeping Conservatories Cool – The Guide

Conservatories are notorious for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. There are several simple and relatively cheap ways of keeping your conservatory chilled throughout the summer. If you are thinking of installing a conservatory, then here is some helpful advice you may want to take into consideration before you start building. If you already have a conservatory that you would like to make more effective, then here are some simple changes you can make.

modern conservatory with dining table

1. Blinds

Blinds are one of the cheapest and easiest solutions to keeping your conservatory cool. They help to cool the room down significantly by shielding from the glare of the sun. They also help to then keep the heat in during the cooler winter months. They serve a dual function of not only keeping the room cool but blocking out the glare from the sun. Blinds are available in a variety of colours, materials and styles and suit a range of budgets. You can pick up stylish, yet, cost-effective blinds from places like Dunhelm and Argos, or you can opt for handmade bespoke blinds from companies such as Elegancy Blinds. You also have the option to install either pull-cord operated or motorised blinds. This may be dependent on your budget, but both can look equally as stylish. Blinds are a fantastic and flexible option which give you the ability to adjust how much warmth and light you want to let in, no matter the time of year.

2. Ventillation

If your windows and doors are kept closed, your conservatory will retain the heat, so, keeping your windows open during the warm weather is essential for allowing enough ventilation into the room. Having the windows open allows air to circulate, and when used in conjunction with blinds, is an effective way of keeping your conservatory cool. Leaving the doors and windows open allows the fresh air to drift throughout the conservatory, keeping it at a pleasant temperature. In order to maximise the airflow, it is important to have both top and bottom vents. If your conservatory does not have vents, or they were not built into the design, then you can consider installing an openable skylight. It is better to think about ventilation before the building of your conservatory, adding additional ventilation afterwards can be expensive. Nevertheless, keeping your doors and window open during the summer is a great way to keep your conservatory cool, but you must remember to lock up before leaving the house. Keep in mind to also close the vents when the weather starts getting cooler, otherwise, you will waste a lot of energy keeping your conservatory warm later on in the year.

3. Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the most expensive, but most effective cooling method. They are expensive to run but excellent for controlling the room temperature quickly and efficiently. Some air conditioning units also offer heating as well as cooling settings. This means they can be used productively throughout the year. Air conditioning units are especially useful for if you’re using the area for practical purposes, such as an office space or if you just generally spend a lot of time in your conservatory. If you have decided you want to invest in the installation of air con, it is worth looking into solar-assisted air conditioning units. These are far cheaper to run, they’re more environmentally friendly and ideal for keeping your conservatory at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. It is essential that you work out how much space requires cooling to ensure you buy the right size unit suitable for the dimensions of your conservatory.

4. Fans

Ceiling fans are another effective and comparatively cheap method of cooling your conservatory. In conjunction with having the windows open ajar, fans offer a great way for air to circulate the room and provide some ventilation. If you are thinking of having a conservatory built, make sure to add a ceiling fan so that you are guaranteed to stay cool during the summer months. You could also consider investing in a standing fan as an alternative to a ceiling fan. Take a look into the different motorised fans with variable speeds or opt for a more aesthetically pleasing bladeless fan. However, you may need more than one standing fan, depending on the size of your conservatory.

5. Design

The way in which you design the interior of your conservatory will have an impact on the temperature and atmosphere. You will want to avoid dark furniture, dark paint and leather furnishings. Opting for a cool colour scheme can make the room feel light and airy. You can also keep some potted plants around the room that will help with the moisture and create a calming conservatory environment. This will also help to incorporate the garden into your home so that you can enjoy the nature and landscape without sitting in the heat of the sun. When you are choosing furniture, select soft fabrics such as cotton, over leather. Leather tends to feel sweaty in the warm weather and will contribute to the heat inside of the room. Wooden furniture, which is both cooling and attractive, is also a good option.


Overall, there is a number of contributing factors that can cause your conservatory to overheat. Nevertheless, there are many solutions to this problem. If you already have a conservatory that you’re trying to make more effective and comfortable to spend time in, then there are many simple methods of cooling it down during the summer. However, if you are thinking about installing a conservatory in your garden, then make sure to read these tips beforehand to save you the time and expenses later on.