A conservatory is a place where the family and guests can enjoy a spacious area to socialise and cosy up. However, the design of your conservatory may mean that you avoid the area altogether, particularly in the winter when it gets cold and dark. There are a variety of ways in which you can improve your conservatory so that it becomes a place you and your family enjoy all year round. To help you turn your living space from drab to fab, here are some conservatory makeover ideas.

Improving Your Home With Conservatory Makeover Ideas

One of the main reasons that people neglect their conservatory over the winter months is because the temperature significantly drops, and it becomes unpleasant to sit in while reading a book. However, there are lots of ways to insulate your conservatory and turn it into a relaxing and welcoming location. Small changes to interior design and adjustments to windows and roofs can transform your conservatory into an enjoyable space throughout the year.

Upcycled Window Designs

Windows on any part of your home can have a big impact on its appearance as well as the ability to retain heat and give you a layer of noise cancellation. Having old and outdated windows attached to your conservatory can make it uninviting and glum. There are a variety of different window designs that can help to transform your conservatory into a welcoming and cosy space for you and your family. Your windows have a significant impact on your home and your living, so knowing when to change them can be important. Take a look at Forbes’ blog post to see what signs to look out for to know when its time to replace your windows.

To follow modern designs, opting for windows that let in a considerable amount of light can give you a chic and elegant conservatory while natural light provides the room with an open and spacious feel. To achieve this look, tilt and turn windows are the perfect option; the minimalistic yet striking design allows as much light as possible to enter the room as there are not as many beams covering the glass.

However, one of the most popular window designs at the moment is to have black windows with multiple panels. These panels create a modern twist to vintage window designs and give your conservatory a contemporary look and feel. Depending on the materials used on your home, contrasting the colour of your windows to the walls can make a beautiful statement on your conservatory. Lead windows are very popular with our client’s, and we have installed a variety of window frame colours for conservatories in Milton Keynes.

Double Glazing Crwon Windows

Opening Up The Sky

Tiled roof conservatories are a great way to incorporate your conservatory into the existing design of your home. It has become increasingly popular to have tiled roofing on conservatories to give it a modern feel. The interior architecture of the home also feels connected through an open plan design where the roof glides straight into the conservatory. There are an abundance of benefits for changing your conservatory roof to a solid, tiled roof. Your roof can be installed in a short amount of time, meaning that disruption is minimal; this gives your conservatory a simple and quick makeover.

On the other hand, if you already have a roof tiled conservatory, you may want to incorporate more light into your design. This can easily be done through changing your windows to utilise natural light, add in a skylight or completely replace the roof to glass. Changing your conservatory roof to glass means that you can light up the whole room with natural lighting. You can give your conservatory a modern design by incorporating glass into a modern structured conservatory; take a look at our Lean-To conservatory with Bi-Folding for some inspiration.

Seeing as conservatories are usually an extension of an existing room at the back or side of your home and incorporates an open plan design, natural light can penetrate through the rest of the home, making your home more energy-efficient. There are an array of different designs that you can choose from when opting for a glass roof, some examples of designs include:

  • Gable Conservatory”>Gable Conservatory
  • Sun Room Conservatory”>Sun Room Conservatory
  • Victorian Conservatory”>Victorian Conservatory
  • Georgian Conservatory
  • Combined Conservatory

The range of different designs means that you can choose one that suits your home as well as your aesthetic. If you like an old-style exterior then opting for an elegant and sophisticated Georgian or Victorian conservatory and then modernising the interior design, can give you a contemporary twist to modern home decor designs.

Crown Conservatory

Heating In Style

Keeping your conservatory warm in the winter may seem like a challenging project; however, it can actually be rectified with some simple conservatory improvements. There are plenty of ways you can improve your conservatory so that it stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

During the summertime, your conservatory can become hotter than the rest of your house, looking for options that give you additional protection from overheating can have a significant impact on the use of your conservatory in the summer months. Having glass roof conservatories and sunrooms may mean that the conservatory gets hotter in the summer, this can be prevented by replacing your glass roof with a tinted one. Having a tinted glass room means that you can reduce glare as well as overheating. You can find more ways to keep your home cool in the summer by taking a look at one of our previous articles titled “How To Keep Your House Cool In The Summer”.

In the winter, your conservatory may feel slightly colder than the rest of the house. Making sure that your windows are double glazed can improve your insulation, meaning that you don’t have to turn the heating up. Incorporating underfloor heating into your conservatory can also help with keeping the room warm and cosy over the winter periods. Flooring can have a bit impact on your conservatory and ensures that you can keep your home warm and cosy in the winter as well as cool in the summer. For inspiration and ideas on which flooring may be best for you, take a look at our previous blog post titled “What Is The Best Flooring For A Conservatory?”.

Modern Conservatory

Modernise With Interior Design

If you have recently had a conservatory fitted with us, then you may be looking for some ways to give your new investment a personal and modern touch. The interior design of your conservatory says a lot about you and should represent your aesthetic. You can easily incorporate your own personal taste with modern interior design. We have come up with a few interior design ideas that you can personalise to make your own.

It’s All About the Chairs

This may come as a surprise, but the chairs, or any other furniture for that matter, that you incorporate into the interior design of your conservatory, can have a significant impact. In modern design, chairs are used to add a splash of colour and elegance. One of the most popular interior designs this year, has been pastel colour velvet chairs with gold or silver legs and framing.

To achieve a modernised chic look in your conservatory, either pick a subtle colour and incorporate it in every element of the interior design or pick an extravagant chair or sofa and place it alongside soft and elegant features. For example, you could choose to have an animal print chair or a patchwork sofa and pair it with a glass coffee table or wooden dining table.

Modern Chairs

Chic And Cosy

Particularly now that the weather has got significantly colder, you may be wanting to add a cosy touch to your existing interior design. This can easily be done by adding fluffy rugs, blankets and cushions into your conservatory. Small additions in your conservatory can have a big impact on making the room feel welcoming.

The colour palette that you use in your conservatory can also help you to create a chic and cosy space to relax with the family on a cold winters night. Neutral colours such as soft browns, beige and whites can give a clean and warm decor design, pair these colours with natural materials such as rattan chairs with soft cushions or wooden table features. A mixture of grey colours can also help to give you a modern chic vibe to your conservatory.

Neutral Coloured Furniture

Crazy For Colour

Bring back a blast from the past by colour blocking your conservatory without going a little over the top. Add a splash of colour with cushions, fake flowers, vibrant curtains and even cupboards. Make sure that you keep the colours classy and that you don’t add too much colour into the room as it will begin to look messy. The best place to add some colour is through your cushions; you can pick a neutral coloured sofa that is highly unlikely to become outdated and regularly change your cushions when you feel that your conservatory needs a little makeover.

Colourful Furniture

Modernising The Old

Although the past has seen some questionable fashion choices, there are some elements of the past that can inspire us in modern interior design. Some fashion trends, such as having rustic furniture and visible brickwork, have come back into fashion in recent years. You can easily take an old trend and make it your own by sticking to a modern design and incorporating some older features. For example, you could choose to have a grey colour palette and add small touches such as a retro floating shelf. There are many ways in which you can improve your conservatory by adding your own style with modernised trends.

Retro Furniture

It’s Time To Makeover Your Conservatory

With a host of different ways you can makeover your conservatory, you can easily improve existing features. Whether you want to make a big impact with a drastic change or would like to make small adjustments to your existing design, there are various choices for you to consider. Changing your windows can have a big impact on the look and feel of your conservatory, so you should look at whether the exterior and interior design works for you and your family. If you need any more information regarding conservatory makeovers, feel free to contact our team today.