A conservatory is a place where family and guests can enjoy a spacious area to socialise and cosy up. However, the design of your conservatory may mean that you avoid the area altogether, particularly in the winter when it gets cold and dark. There are a variety of ways in which you can improve your conservatory so that it becomes a place you and your family enjoy all year round, from replacing the roof with a more modern design to adding some aesthetic touches. To help you turn your living space from drab to fab, here are some of our favourite conservatory ideas.

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    A Guide To Modern Conservatory Ideas

    One of the main reasons that people neglect their conservatory over the winter months is because the temperature significantly drops, making it unpleasant to sit in. However, there are many ways to insulate your conservatory and turn it into a relaxing and welcoming location. Small changes to interior design and adjustments to windows and roofs can transform your conservatory into an enjoyable space throughout the year. So, if you are currently designing conservatories in Milton Keynes with our professional team, or would like to find out how you can personalise and improve your existing space, why not consider some of these modern conservatory ideas?

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    tiled floor in conservatory

    Small Conservatory Ideas

    Small conservatories tend to be used as chillout zones looking onto the garden, making it perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. When it comes to designing the interior, there are a host of small conservatory ideas that you can consider. The furniture will be taking centre stage, so it is important to make sure that you find some sofas, a coffee table or other bits that create an inviting space while matching your interior aesthetics. We suggest not incorporating too much furniture into the space, as it can create a cramped room. Instead, find statement pieces that make a significant impact, such as coloured chairs, bright rugs or even funky cupboards.

    If you are using the space as additional storage, then you also want to consider some smart storage ideas. This can include everything from floating shelves to hanging space and cabinets. You can find hanging storage solutions in IKEA, which are perfect for popping on the back of doors or in the corners of the room.

    Ideal Home has a selection of small conservatory room ideas for you to consider, as well as some perfect decorations and interior designs. If you would like further advice on how to transform your conservatory with accessories, colour palettes and much more, feel free to speak with our specialists about your conservatory in Milton Keynes.

    furniture in conservatory

    Conservatory Furniture Ideas

    People often fall into the trap of rattan furniture for their conservatory, and while it can look stunning, it can also make the space feel as though it is part of the outside rather than the in. If you love the rattan design, then there are plenty of ways in which you can still incorporate this into your conservatory furniture ideas, such as finding sofas with bamboo legs. However, you want to make your conservatory feel as inviting and warm as possible, so you will need to seriously consider what furniture you incorporate. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

    • Traditional patchwork sofa
    • Light, Japanese style sofa
    • Modern armchairs
    • Rustic wood details
    • Scandinavian styles

    Some of the above ideas also work excellently with a dining table, making it super easy for you to transfer your ideas into other solutions. Argos has a fantastic range of conservatory furniture from sofas and tables to dining sets and so much more!

    Wooden Furniture

    Conservatory Interior Ideas

    If you have recently had a conservatory fitted with us, then you may be looking for some ways to give your new investment a personal and modern touch. The interior design of your conservatory says a lot about you and should represent your aesthetic. You can easily incorporate your own personal taste with accessories, colour schemes and more. We have come up with a few conservatory interior ideas that you can personalise to make your own.

    It’s All About The Chairs

    The chairs, or any other furniture for that matter, that you incorporate into the interior design of your conservatory can have a significant impact. In modern design, chairs are used to add a splash of colour and elegance. One of the most popular interior designs this year, has been pastel pink, lilac and grey or dark navy/green velvet chairs with gold or silver legs and framing.

    To achieve a modernised chic look in your conservatory, either pick a subtle colour and incorporate it in every element of the interior design or pick an extravagant chair or sofa and place it alongside soft and elegant features. For example, you could choose to have an animal print chair or a patchwork sofa and pair it with a glass coffee table or wooden dining table.

    table and chairs

    Chic & Cosy

    When the weather starts to get a little colder, you may want to add a cosy touch to your existing interior design. This can easily be done by adding fluffy rugs, blankets and cushions into your conservatory. Small additions in your conservatory can have a big impact on making the room feel welcoming.

    The colour palette that you use in your conservatory can also help you to create a chic and cosy space to relax with the family on a cold winter’s night. Neutral colours such as soft browns, beige and whites can give a clean and warm decor design; pair these colours with natural materials such as wooden features with soft cushions. A mixture of grey colours can also help to give you a modern chic vibe to your conservatory.

    Crazy For Colour

    Bring back a blast from the past by colour blocking your conservatory without going a little over the top. Add a splash of colour with cushions, fake flowers, vibrant curtains and even cupboards. Make sure that you keep the colours classy and that you don’t add too much colour into the room as it will begin to look messy. The best place to add some colour is through your cushions; you can pick a neutral-coloured sofa that is highly unlikely to become outdated and regularly change your cushions when you feel that your conservatory needs a little makeover.

    Modernise The Old

    Although the past has seen some questionable fashion choices, there are some elements of the past that can inspire us in modern interior design. Some fashion trends, such as having rustic furniture and visible brickwork, have come back into fashion in recent years. You can easily take an old trend and make it your own by sticking to a modern design and incorporating some older features. For example, you could choose to have a grey colour palette and add small touches such as a retro floating shelf. There are many ways in which you can improve your conservatory by adding your own style with modernised trends.

    Neutral Colour Conservatory

    Conservatory Décor Ideas

    The key for any conservatory when it comes to decor is to keep in mind that this space is one with the garden while requiring a cosy feel. This is surprisingly easy to achieve with an abundance of conservatory decor ideas to elevate your existing space. The first step, as discussed previously, is to bring some greenery into the space through real or artificial plants; this gives you a sense of outdoor living while still being inside all cosy. Here are a few of our other conservatory decor ideas for you to incorporate into your space:

    • Warm lighting
    • Decorative rugs
    • Bringing in different textures
    • Add a wood-burning stove
    • Decorate with ornaments
    • Use tropical prints

    Textured Decor

    Conservatory Lighting Ideas

    As discussed in the above point, lighting can be used as a decorative feature. In your conservatory, you will have ample light entering your space through the glass panes and ceiling (if you haven’t yet replaced it with a guardian tiled roof), but when it comes to those darker days or nighttime, you want to continue the soothing, and relaxing vibe. For this reason, we highly recommend adding subtle lighting with a dimmable feature or mood settings. Ideal Home has a great article on the best conservatory lighting, and you can find stunning yet cost-effective lighting options over on Dunelm.

    Conservatory Blinds Ideas

    It can be tricky to find the perfect blinds for your conservatory, as there will be a lot of awkward spaces to cover. For this reason, it is recommended to get blinds or shutters for your conservatory windows and roof. You can have your blinds custom made to ensure that they fit perfectly, while also providing you with ample aesthetically pleasing tones. If you are struggling to find the perfect blinds, then why not head over to Next for some custom-made solutions?

    Not only can you find the perfect blinds for your conservatory, but you can also install electronic blinds. This makes it easier for you to open and close blinds on the roof of your conservatory. Check out Blinds2Go for some stunning and elegant electronic blind designs.

    Blinds in Conservtory

    Conservatory Flooring Ideas

    While it may not be your first thought, changing your conservatory flooring can have a significant impact on how your conservatory feels and looks. For example, stone flooring can make your conservatory feel cold in the winter, but it’s perfect for summer. The simple solution to fixing this issue would be to have underfloor heating installed under the tiles to ensure that the conservatory is at a lovely temperature all year round.

    On the other hand, materials such as carpet and laminate flooring are much more cost-effective and can offer you stunning aesthetics. Carpet is also great for keeping your toes warm in the winter, ensuring that you can enjoy your space all year round. You can also find a host of colours and finishes with laminate flooring, making it a great addition if you wish to modernise your space.

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      Conservatory Roof Ideas

      When it comes to thinking about conservatory roof ideas, there is an abundance of options you can choose from. One of the most common is to have a tiled roof replacement, whereby your existing glass roof is replaced with a sturdy, made to measure tiled replacement. There are multiple benefits to incorporating a tiled roof onto your conservatory, such as its ability to insulate your space, making it feel warmer in the winter and cool in the summer. Through this, your conservatory can feel more welcoming and comfortable throughout the year. Additional benefits include its appealing aesthetics, its ability to create a smooth transition from the home to the conservatory and the extra value it adds to your home.

      Installing a guardian conservatory roof is a lot easier than you may think and a lot cheaper than replacing the entire conservatory. The team will begin by visiting your home to measure the space, which will then allow them to design and manufacture a tiled roof that is made to measure. This roof will then be carefully placed onto the conservatory in a short amount of time, creating a dramatic yet quick makeover.

      On the other hand, if you already have a tiled roof conservatory, you may want to incorporate more light into your design. This can easily be done by changing your windows to utilise natural light, adding in a skylight or completely replacing the roof with glass. Changing your conservatory roof to glass means that you can light up the whole room with natural lighting. You can give your conservatory a modern design by incorporating glass into a modern structured conservatory.

      Seeing as conservatories are usually an extension of an existing room at the back or side of your home and incorporate an open plan design, natural light can stream through the rest of the home, making it more energy-efficient. There are an array of different designs that you can choose from when opting for a glass roof; some examples of designs include:

      • Gable Conservatory
      • Sun Room Conservatory
      • Victorian Conservatory
      • Georgian Conservatory
      • Combined Conservatory

      The range of different designs means that you can choose one that suits your home as well as your aesthetic. If you like an old-style exterior, then opting for an elegant and sophisticated Georgian or Victorian conservatory and then modernising the interior design, can give you a contemporary twist to modern home decor.

      guardian tiled roof

      It’s Time To Makeover Your Conservatory

      With a host of different ways you can makeover your conservatory, you can easily improve existing features. Whether you want to make a big impact with a drastic change or would like to make small adjustments to your existing design, there are various choices for you to consider. While changes such as a roof replacement may be more costly than interior changes, they are well worth the investment, creating a cooler conservatory in the summer and warmer in the winter, while also increasing the value of your property. If you need any more information regarding conservatories, doors, windows or double glazing in Milton Keynes, feel free to contact our team today.